Connecting With The Community

Community Connections

Fiona Fell has done a wonderful job building our website We are now able to post information about projects, upcoming events and links to other renewable energy news. More importantly, the website will act as a platform to provide information about how our energy network operates and will hopefully encourage our community to become involved in local renewable energy projects.

The team at Tier One and the Business Centre in Wodonga are sponsoring RAW through hosting the website for a period of 2 years. The Tier One team is very interested in renewable energy and supporting the local community. RAW looks forward to working with Guy Rowson, Tas Davies and Trevor Staats in the future.

Renewable Albury Wodonga’s mission is to connect projects and partners with information and funding opportunities in both Albury and Wodonga. Connecting with us opens up community partnerships for exciting renewable energy projects.

Could your community group, business or organisation benefit from getting involved with a renewable energy project?

Why not get in touch with us to find out more? Contact RAW Energy

Community Energy Map

Renewable Albury Wodonga is on the Community Energy Map. There are now more than 50 community energy groups in Australia.

Thurgoona Community Action Group

The Thurgoona Community Action Group (TCAG) has raised the concept of a solar farm for the Thurgoona area. The Thurgoona/Wirlinga Precinct Plan provides for additional power sub-stations once an additional 4,000 homes are completed. The TCAG would like to pursue the feasibility of the concept and has approached the Albury City Council, and also the local Member for Albury, Mr Greg Aplin, to seek support.

The TCAG recognises that the group would benefit from the work that RAW Energy has already done. We welcome this initiative and will provide information and support where possible. By partnering with TCAG, it makes RAW Energy the true cross border group we always wanted it to be.​

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