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Other community renewable energy groups in Australia

Australia’s first and most well-known community energy group.

Hepburn Wind is the owner of Australia’s first community owned wind farm, at Leonards Hill, just south of Daylesford Victoria.

The wind farm began operation in June 2011 and generates more power annually than is consumed by the houses of Daylesford and much of the surrounding area.​

Totally Renewable Yackandandah is a 100% volunteer run community group, formed in 2014, with the lofty goal of powering this small Victorian town with 100% renewable energy and achieving energy sovereignty by 2022.

'Mini grid' to be installed in Yackandandah as the next step for solar energy 20.1.17 

Leap of faith into solar energy for FoodWorks as part of TRY project 14.11.16

Community Renewable Energy organisations

Embark is a non-profit organisation focused on accelerating the uptake of community renewable energy projects by providing practical capacity-building tools and seed and investment funding.

Embark are working to shift the community energy sector into the mainstream, as a proven and financially viable model capable of attracting large-scale investment and growing to meet its full potential.

The Coalition for Community Energy, C4CE, facilitates collaborative Strategic Initiatives that build on the strengths of its member organisations ~ to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

C4CE is creating a quicker, more efficient path to a community energy sector with hundreds of community energy projects that benefit all Australian communities.

Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd (MEFL) is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Dedicated to tackling climate change.

MEFL work with households, businesses, community groups and governments on innovative ways to implement sustainable energy supply and reduce energy use.​

The Community Power Agency’s mission is to help grow a vibrant community renewable energy sector in Australia, through building the capacity of communities on the ground and working collaboratively with other organisations to address systemic barriers facing the sector as a whole.

Community Renewable Energy funding organisations

​ARENA is a federal government agency that manages any grants that are awarded for renewable energy projects.

CEFC is a funding body for renewable energy projects.

CORENA Quick win project – Yackandandah Health

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